About Us

Joey’s Coffee Co was founded in 2021 by Joey, age 8, and his Da, Tim. A budding entrepreneur, Joey launched his first business with the idea of learning about business and marketing; but also the benefit of bringing something to his customers they would love and enjoy every day. Joey strongly believes in the value of giving back to the community. 

Joey’s Coffee is the bestbecause we sell specialty grade coffee, (high grade coffee beans) which are ethically sourced.

Joey’s Coffee is fresh—because it is roasted at the time of your order and delivered in a reasonable amount of time to your doorstep. 

Joey’s Coffee gives back—because supporting a cause is so important to Joey, we are committed to providing a portion of our proceeds to a charitable organization throughout the year. One of the main recipients of contributions provided by Joey’s is Donate Life America™. Joey’s Da is a three-time organ recipient and this is an organization very close to Joey’s heart. 

Co-owner Joey’s other interests include hockey, baseball, football, music, and math! He has three younger siblings who love to support their brother’s company by wearing the company’s t-shirts, hats and other merchandise

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Enjoy your #CuppaJoey!